Origins and Philosophy


The OutLife name began with a group of fisherman based in Japan who pursued Sea Bass fishing as a whole hearted obsession. Taking a trip with one of their members, I was inspired by what the OutLife name represented. He explained to me that the process of fishing late into the night and early morning is not something the average person would pursue. Many times out there you are the only soul for miles of beach and the crashing breakers are slightly unnerving. Sand and salt spray cover everything and leaves a gritty, sticky film that barely washes off in the shower. Through all this, he and others continue to pursue the hobby they love simply for the joy of the adventure and know that they are among the few people willing to lead this lifestyle.


TheOutLife philosophy holds that there are men and women throughout the world who pursue hobbies and lifestyles that are truly outside the house pastimes. From all outdoor disciplines the true outlifer strives for excellence in their craft and hold a deeper state of awareness about the lives they follow. Through their personal journeys and experiences an outlifer will show qualities of respect, patience, responsibility, integrity, honesty, and above all a love for what they do so strong, that they extend that love to the community around them.